Aloha Lifestyle Hawaii was created to inspire aloha with beauty, function, comfort and style. Living in Hawaii, we appreciate all of its natural beauty. From the majestic mountain ranges to the alluring sandy beaches. We love Hawai'i. Our designs are inspired by what we see and experience in the islands. We want you to feel a connection to the art, the island and experience the life of aloha with style.  

We go to the beach often and love going, but we don't love bringing the sand back home with us in our towels. We prefer having the sand stay on the beach and not in our washing machines. We needed a towel that we could lay in the sand with, without getting the sand stuck in the fibers of the towel. We also needed a towel that is absorbent and quick drying. Normal terry towels are bulky and get soaked the first time you use them. They take a long time to dry before you can use them again and get musty.

Aloha Lifestyle Hawaii towels are lightweight and made from fine high-quality Turkish cotton. They are woven to be sand resistant. Just give them a little flap and the sand rolls right off. Pat yourself gently with the towel and you’ll find that you are dry in no time. These towels are absorbent and dry quickly, so you can use them multiple times as you go in and out of the water on a sunny day at the beach.

We created a stylish towel that is comfortable, functional, and that connects you with the natural beauty of the Hawaii. We believe that when you appreciate the beauty of the nature, you will want to take care of it just like we do. Take this towel with you and bring the Aloha Lifestyle wherever you go. 


Summer and Brett